Mostly Everything A Pinoy YouSendIt =)

UPDATE: Just found out who runs the site. It’s good to know that SendMoNowNa is actually being run by three good friends from the industry — Raffy and Sara of Globedez and l33t web designer Jec of Bayan who helped me out long ago with a podcast series. Good to know that the site is under trusted hands.

I use YouSendIt and Dropbox a lot for sending and sharing huge files. Good to know that there’s a local “version” of this file sharing service called Send Mo Now Na! I love it! Clean interface, Facebook login integration (FB login fixed!), free and paid plans, and a 30 day validity for files to share. It’s actually a decent replacement/complement to YouSendIt as the latter now limits file sizes and only stores links for 7 days. At least Send Mo Now Na stores it for 30!

If you’re wondering what the difference is between the paid plan and free plan is:

With a Premium Account you can download without any wait times and limits.
Your Premium SendMoNowNa account also allows you to upload to 5 files at the same time.
SendMoNowNa also becomes advertising free once you log-in.

Check it out!