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Announcing our three winners for the Crumpler Hai-cool Contest!

Crumpler Bag Contest

Hey all! Thanks for waiting. I finally have a list of winners for the three bag prizes from Crumpler. Winners were chosen based on how much the haiku made sense, how well they flowed when recited (not necessarily rhyming) and of course, creativity. These are the top three entries that won.

To the winners, congratulations! I’ll be sending you an email to discuss how you can claim your prize. =)


Message in haikus,
Should always be like Crumplers,
Organized, compact.

Congratulations to Messie as he takes with him a Pinnacle of Horror!


Unos at bagyo
Magunaw man ang mundo
Bunker loob mo.

Congratulations to JJ Rimando as he takes with him The Kazoo!


Stylish and comfy
A head turner for the swag
A bag you can brag

Congratulations to Tina as she takes with her The Carrot!

Mostly Everything

DiscOVIries Week 1 Winner: Nina Fuentes!

Nina Fuentes

The only criteria I had for choosing the winner for the first round was that the workstation should have stood out amongst the others. So in a way, it was like grading on a bell curve because choosing the winner heavily relied on what everyone else would submit.

Amidst the geeky workstation submissions, Nina’s stood out because it was a truly mobile office taking her to the farthest reaches where one isn’t even supposed to be taking work.

A rep from Nokia will be getting in touch with you soon, Nina! 🙂