PSA: Winamp is shutting down FOR GOOD this December 20. Download a piece of software history before that happens.

winamp bunker

Bittersweet! Winamp, the little desktop MP3 player that “whips the llama’s ass” is finally shutting down. This was THE iTunes of the 90’s and one of the first apps that had a successful user-generated content model, allowing anyone to upload skins for the MP3 player.

Hey, all. Tom Pepper here, one of the two founders (Justin being the greater of the two of us.) Just wanted to thank everyone for all the support over the years. While we haven’t been involved w/ Nullsoft since the early 2000s it was incredible what you all did both for us, and for music. Our only goal was ever to make the tool we wanted to use, and it seemed to resonate with you all very clearly! I’m happy to still be working in the business, and here’s to the next great ideas yet to come!

– from Reddit

Link: Download the latest version of Winamp

Ah the 90’s and early 2000’s of the Internet: mIRC, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, dial up connections, Geocities … Winamp was pretty much part of this.

Thanks for all the fish.