UPDATER: Moving homes? This is web service done right

updater mailbox

Social media! There’s social media everywhere! Once considered a beautiful thing, it comes as no surprise that pundits proclaim how the social web is spouting out a lot of noise pollution. Sure, Facebook and Twitter make our lives more interesting, but it’s the really useful services like Audible, Gazelle and Stamps (dot com) that bring the wonders of the web to life. As such, finding similar kinds of services can be a b*tch. But that also means that once you find them, amazing stuff happens.

Take Updater for instance. Updater is the online home for new-movers. if we have Audible for your commute, Gazelle for selling used gadgets and Stamps for printing your own stamps, Updater is the web service that helps make moving homes so much easier. If you’re undergoing a change of address, Updater does a number of things to make your move transition smoothly. For one, it manages your delivery addresses and informs people and institutions that forward bills to you of your new location. So rather than doing it yourself, which can get rather tedious, Updater handles it all like a personal concierge. The service also helps you scout out for relevant utility providers in your new area such as cable and phone service providers.

All this is done in web-friendly To Do list style so everything is kept organized.