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Vitwater: Magic potions for our daily lives! (LOL)

“Dude! Look what I have for you,” said Rey. “You’re the first to see this!”

I was with Rey and Ria yesterday afternoon ironing out a few things for BlogBank when Rey left and came back with a cold, cold plastic bag from 7-11.

“This just came out today and it’s available exclusively in 7-11 for the first few weeks for P15.00.”

Wow, Vitwater (not to be confused with the US Vitawater). This is a non-carbonated water drink with vitamins inside. I guess it is similar to dropping an Enervon C tablet into a cold glass of water, heh!

Well I wasn’t really a fan of the flavored water craze but I admit, this one actually tastes okay. Sorta like Gatorade but loads cheaper at P15.00. Well it’s new and has been out since yesterday. Check out 7-11 and try some. Each color supposedly has a different “effect” on you. One has fiber (tropical citrus), another supposedly helps you trim (red kiwi), while the other fortifies you with vitamins (orange). I don’t know what the blue one does – maybe it restores your mana to full, while the red one gives you more health, but with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Well, whatever those effects are, it’s secondary to me. I think people go for the color and the taste first before the effects. Anyhoo, go check out 7-11. Vitwater is manufactured by RFM.