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Globe Tattoo Micro-SIM for iPad: Unlimited Plan at PHP 999.00 a month

You know what I love about the press release they sent? This paragraph:

Now there’s no need to take scissors to a standard SIM card to make it fit into the iPad SIM card slot. Globe’s spanking-new Micro-SIM is small enough to fit the iPad 3G and hook you up to Globe’s wireless 3G network so you can seamlessly cyber-surf anywhere in the Philippines.

True enough, Globe is no stranger to the fact that 3rd party iPad resellers teach buyers how to cut out a micro-sim card from a regular sized one. Remember the first dual SIM phones? It’s the same banana (split). 🙂

Note that this data plan does not come with an iPad.

How to Use your Micro-SIM for Globe Unlimited Data Plan

After inserting the micro-SIM into the SIM tray/slot, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to “Settings”.
2. Press “Reset” then “Reset Network Settings”
3. Go to “Cellular Data”
4. Press “APN”
5. Change APN to
a. Postpaid:
b. Prepaid:
6. Deactivate Wi-Fi to be able to browse using the SIM (click Wi-Fi menu, turn-off)

NOTE: Every time you remove your Micro-SIM and then re-insert it, you need to go through Steps 1-6 again.