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Download SmartNet from Android Marketplace

One of the reasons why I had decided to support Smart’s efforts as a consultant early this year was due to their shift in direction, moving away from the “archaic” cellular business (i.e. SMS and calls) and shifting attention to data and mobile applications. From the words of Bong Mojica at Mobile World Congress, SMART is slowly shifting their culture and products to that of a web company.

Today, SmartNet released the Netphone app into the Android Marketplace (for those of you asking for the iOS version for your iPhone, that’s in the works too). Download the SmartNet app and turn your Android device into a Netphone. If you’re on mobile, simply do a search for “SmartNet” in the Android Marketplace and download it for free. Enjoy!

*Note that this is compatible up to Android v2.3 Gingerbread. The v4 Ice Cream Sandwich update is in the works.

SmartNet is simply a suite of applications that works closely with the Smart Network which makes using the services easier than ever. These services are the Global Directory, Social Stream, Netphone Messaging, Safe Browse and many more.

This application currently supports Smart subscribers only. Non-Smart subscribers may visit on the web or for mobile.