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‘Are You A Human’ — The Better CAPTCHA

Stop the insane CAPTCHA madness! Ever been stuck in a log in screen because you couldn’t figure out what this meant:

Insane right? These things exist as roadblocks for bots and spam because only human beings should be capable of figuring these puzzles out. Well, IT DOESN’T WORK! I can barely make out any of that gibberish. Now compare that to this:

Thankfully I stumbled upon a really neat tool called PlayThru for your website (yes blogs included!) that turns CAPTCHA into a game! These contextual games make it impossible for a bot to figure out, allowing common sense in (most) human beings to prevail. Completing the face, baking the pancake, putting the right shape into the hole … these are more fun than trying to decipher next-to-impossible to read letters. This is a free tool you can install on your blog and it’s quite easy to set up.

Stop the CAPTCHA madness! Play a game instead! Check out