It’s out on Travelbook.PH: A “Zero to Deco” Guide to Diving in the Philippines

Over the vacation I compiled a 3 page guide to diving in the Philippines. This primer is geared towards Filipinos who have always been curious about diving and launch into the deep (duc in altum!) with this new endeavor. It addresses questions such as rates, how to choose a dive instructor, where to begin, and even addresses concerns about knowing how to swim and if sharks will eat you. They also linked to some of the videos I took.

The article, as well as a series of trip files are all located in Summit Media’s new destination guide and directory, It is managed by a fellow blogger, Betty Tianco, who I really respect for building and making it THE authority for south-based (i.e. Las Pinas, Alabang, Bicutan, Sucat) cravings.

Hope you pick up something from it. This is a “living article” so it is bound to be improved through time based on the comments from people who want to learn to dive and from actual divers and dive masters / instructors. To fellow divers, if you have things to add, please hop on to the site and leave a comment.

Photos for the article were taken by Wowie Wong.