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Pepper Lunch at Rockwell Kills the No Rice Diet

Met up with Fran, Didi, and Sophie for dinner. We had previously come from an event with Juned and AJ and made our way to Rockwell for dinner. The Pepper Lunch craze has really hit town (I even updated their Wikipedia entry to say they’re already in Manila). When we heard that Chuvaness was opening Pepper Lunch in Manila.

As of this writing, I’ve eaten at Pepper Lunch three times (it only opened last week!). I really try to stay away from rice whenever possible, and if I do eat, I only finish 1/4th to 1/2 cup of rice. But it’s really different. My no-rice diet is now a pseudo-rice diet courtesy of their Beef Pepper Rice. It costs about P140.00 for an extra cup of their special rice with crushed peppercorns and the secret butter they add to the middle.

I’m not much of a food reviewer so you can check out the entries of Phoebe, AJ, Sophie and Fran. I did take photos, but probably brought the wrong lens. I took the macro out to see if I could get the steak in detail but realized how hard it was to shoot with smoke coming from all directions. What’s the best way to shoot food that’s inevitably spewing smoke? Items from grills and hot plates are hard to shoot as is!

All I really have to say is that if you’ve had a really crappy day at work, Pepper Lunch at Rockwell can really save what’s left of it. Congratulations, Chuvaness 🙂

Geist at Alabang

While waiting for a friend the other day, I decided to take some night shots of the Alabang Town Center. The traffic was horrible so it made so much more sense to wait it out in the mall than to go home.

I walked around for the better part of the evening (yes traffic was that bad) taking pictures of everything that caught my interest.

I moved around the strip of restaurants, the main court which had its share of disgruntled people also waiting the traffic out, and the center promenade where CBTL was still brewing.

I moved on to The Spa located in a more secluded area of the mall to see if I could get some interesting shadow play. I was surprised to find the final picture in my digital film roll afterwards.

Holy crap!