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Kraft bags 2007 Global IMC Awards Thanks to Philippine Bloggers

I’m talking tomorrow at the AIM together with Andrian Lee on the subject of corporate blogging. With my boil spots on the verge of healing (I acquired a severe boil in my last Ho Chi Minh – Siam Reap trip), I need a motivator to help alleviate the pain on my side and I guess writing this will help me procure my thoughts on the matter.

Toblerone Thank You Day

I realized that the blogosphere is no longer in a state that’s “trying hard” to be accepted by corporations as legit avenues for marketing and opinion. In fact, its the big ones that are now pushing new media as supplements and drivers of PR campaigns. One such achievement which I would like to share would be the Toblerone Thank You Day campaign which not only won an Anvil Award, but also bagged the Global 2007 IMC Award for Kraft. This information is being shared to bloggers who played part in the campaign in the next few days. Parcels of the email follows: