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Played with the Galaxy Tab. Pretty neat!

Side by side is the Samsung Galaxy S with the Galaxy Tab. I own the former. Having played with the Tab for roughly an hour, I can say that the Tab is exactly like the Galaxy S sans the Super AMOLED screen. I now understand why this Android tablet is a viable competitor to the iPad despite being smaller in dimensions. Not only is it more pocketable, it also comes with a camera. Really — it’s a huge Galaxy S. That’s that.

For me, it’s really simple: If the Philippine Android Marketplace had access to paid apps, it would strengthen the resolve to commit to this platform. Right now it’s pretty much a static marketplace for good freebies.

Above is the UNO Magazine blog with a YouTube video playing: the Galaxy Tab supports flash. The iPad doesn’t. This may be a huge deal for a lot of consumers who want to play Farmville on their slates.

Out soon. Wait for it.