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T-Mobile G1 Launched: Android is here!

To quote what I wrote on Cellphone9,

The new G1 will cost USD $179.00 and will come with a 2 year plan with T-Mobile. I’ve never been this excited for a device since the iPhone. As you can clearly see, T-Mobile has released a product that does not reek of Brand X. This one’s a sure winner. And it’s only the first of many Android based devices. I’m now more excited to find out which applications are native to Android, and which ones are clearly T-Mobile’s, because I’d love to see how the ala cart menu of Android will turn out for other smartphones to come.

With native support for the Amazon Music Store, several IM clients, WiFi, music and the Webkit “Chrome” browser, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Android has up its sleeve in the next few months!

Here’s a comparison between the T-Mobile G1 and AT&T’s iPhone.