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Bioshock Infinite Philippines Price Guide!

Bioshock Infinite is out tomorrow, March 26 2013 for the Philippine market. Take this post as a PSA on the costs. There are three editions available — Standard, Premium and Songbird.

Premium edition includes the Murder of Crows Keychain, Handyman game resin-cast figurine, lithograph print and art book as well as the exclusive in-game gear. The Songbird collection comes with a rare 9.5 inch statue of the Songbird.

“We are very excited with our latest FPS offering,” said Ron Aquino, GM of X-Play. “This game definitely offers a refreshing breadth of features that players look for in an FPS game that they cannot find in other titles.”


PC Version
Standard Php 1,895
Premium Php 3,295
Songbird Php 6,495

PS3 Version
Standard Php 2,295
Premium Php 3,350
Songbird Php 6,495

XBOX 360 Version
Standard Php 2,095
Premium Php 3,350
Songbird Php 6,495

You can pre-order in the following stores:

• A-Deals (online website-
• Achieve
• Brochiere
• Netopia
• Game Extreme
• Gameline/GameGizmo/Teke
• iTech

Note from the distributor:

Each pre-ordered copy entitles players to a FREE soundtrack and gear DLC—all they have to do is provide their contact information to any of the listed retailers, and a DLC code will be sent back via SMS or e-mail. Pre-order offer expires midnight of March 27, 2013.

Mostly Everything

XPLAY’s Official Statement regarding the raiding of Datablitz Stores for NBA2k13

EDIT: Datablitz has also issued a statement

You might have heard that Datablitz was raided today. Ironic right, as they have in my eyes been the bastion for what is good in the computer gaming industry. The media got it wrong and I am not surprised. According to statements, Datablitz had pirated copies of NBA2K13 which was of course, false. Datablitz does not keep pirated copies of games. Rather, these were copies that were not under the right distributorship.

We finally have an official statement from XPLAY.

I am still trying to absorb the contents of this press release as we speak. So, what do you think?