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A Thanksgiving Shoutout

As Thanksgiving was yesterday (it’s surprising that a lot of Filipinos I know celebrate it!) it’s apt to give thanks to someone from SMART who has helped me with excellent customer service for the past 8 years. Grace Plata is probably half the reason why I still have a SMART line for my primary number.

When the BlackBerry devices of circa 2000 were unheard of in the Philippines she helped me procure one for testing.

When the very first BlackBerry Pearl was still not available to the consumer market, I was one of the first to acquire it under a consumer (vs enterprise) plan.

When my SMART line approached its credit limit on an out of town trip, she fixed it.

Every time I’m due for a phone from my retention she really makes sure I get the phone I want despite the dwindling stocks. She even shows up personally in the Alabang SMART office to deliver the item.

When I was overcharged for data I didn’t know I was using, she refunded the costs and rescinded the plan to my original one without the need for me to sign any paperwork.

Ms. Grace is one of the best assets of SMART’s customer care. I’m glad she’s still there after so many years and I’d like to thank her for great service!