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The First Official Foursquare Badge in the Philippines

EDIT: Jim Ayson from SMART noted that the USD $25k cost for a badge is not accurate. Post edited to reflect this. Quoting Jim from G+ “Well let’s just say that Foursquare is a very close partner, we worked it out! We also worked with them very collaboratively on this project and the mechanics of the Smart badge and the campaign. Foursquare peeps were great, they were very creative, they rock!”

In a country where on Twitter has turned into a questionable measurable goal of success, SMART Communications has launched the country’s first official Foursquare swarm badge which unlocks during the two-day Lady Gaga concert at the Mall of Asia Arena. This is, in my opinion, a fresh and more than welcome spectacle vs. trending.

The badge will unlock after a swarm of 250 check ins are recorded between 6PM to 2AM on the 21st and 22nd of May 2012. The badge is not geo-tagged which means that you can check in and claim it even if you are nowhere near the Mall of Asia. Those who check in and receive the badges are automatically enrolled in a smartphone giveaway – two Samsung Galaxy Nexus units will be given away each night.

On a personal note, after this stunt, several brands will definitely want to have their own Foursquare badges but the enrollment and maintenance comes at a heavy price tag: USD $25,000 per month for three months minimum. If you have that kind money, submit your proposal here.