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Sims 3 Retails in Datablitz Today!


This is me reading, wearing my signature pink shirt, shorts and Sanuks.

Overall a good break from pwnage in Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2. The original version of Sims 3 was released today and Datablitz had them on stock.

Although I haven’t started it yet, every account comes linked to a personal social networking page on the Sims 3 site, allowing you to showcase your screenshots and videos. You can find my social page thus far empty as, alas, there just had to be a blogging component in it and I sure would want to stay away from blogging in everything that I do!

My initial impression of the gameplay doesn’t stray from the experience of playing the first two Sims titles. This version improves on the former by bringing the whole neighborhood together (you can invite the paperboy in to chit chat for instance). Sims also have stronger bladder control and don’t find the need to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. A welcome change!

Sims 3 is not without flaws – my initial registration that supposedly garnered USD $10.00 worth of credits to buy stuff got lost in cyberspace. I think my connection timed out when I was in the process of reclaiming my lost simolean currency so I sent a support ticket and well, let’s see what happens.

If you by chance do decide to pick this title up … well, it’s a good replacement to Restaurant City, MyBrute and Pet Society all together. The deluxe edition retails at P1350.00 in Datablitz while the limited edition goes for above P2,000.00. The box set gives you a 2GB USB drive shaped like the green diamond icon and a bunch of freebies for in-game play.

Sur! Sur!