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Selling an International Product in Australia

Australia is the only country that is also a continent, and with a population of 22.68 million it is definitely a place to send your product when you expand into the international market. Australia’s biggest exports are related to the mining industry, with everyday items being exported in. This is good because there is little competition with Australian made products, but there is competition with the main importer, China. Not only does China have a high production rate, it is also probably cheaper to ship from China to Australia, since it is closer. It is also important that you make sure that the product you produce is wanted by an Australian audience. If your product does not have a market, then trying to expand into Australia will only cost you money.

Australian Made Products
In 2005-2006, only 10 percent of the products that were consumed in Australia were made domestically; everything else was imported in. This is good news for those who have a business that is prepared to ship internationally, as the product will likely have a market. There are a few things that are still domestically produced on a large scale. The largest products made in Australia are automobiles. Companies like Ford and Toyota both have factories in Australia, as well as the domestic company Tomcar. Australia also has a large chemical industry, making internationally known brands like Velvet soap and Solvol. No Australian clothing lines currently make their clothing domestically. The fact that imported goods are the norm means that there will be no social stigma over a product that is made in another country, as well as little loyalty towards locally produced brands.

Shipping to Australia
Shipping Australia is definitely a daunting task, especially when your product is not made in a country far across the globe. Prices can be steep as everything has to either be flown in or shipped on a boat. China, as the main importer to Australia and being relatively close, has extremely low shipping rates in comparison. It may be a smart business move to produce your product in China and then ship to Australia. Another option may be to ship to China first. Not only can this save you shipping costs, but an experienced liaison will know all the ins and outs of shipping to Australia.

Is the Product Needed?
The big question is whether the product will sell or not, and as long as it is well advertised it will. Research has to be made on what kind of goods the different provinces and counties of the country need, in comparison to others. For some provinces, because of their isolation, it takes longer for products to get there. Some shipping services may not regularly service the area, or simply not service it at all. This could be something to take advantage of as it is an easy market, but could also raise your shipping costs as well. Any product that is marketed well can create substantial revenue, but in Australia it is easier for that product to be marketed as there are not as many competitors. Australia is definitely somewhere where a product will do well, and appeals to an Internet based market.