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Seagate Backup Plus can backup your Facebook and Flickr photos; 1TB for PHP 5,495

They may look nondescript but these Seagate drives get a tad more interesting when you find out that these have the capability to backup your Facebook and Flickr content. When you first plug in the HD using the USB 3.0 cable (it resembles the previous GoFlex line) you’ll be prompted to install the Seagate Dashboard which really does two things — install the social network backup feature and the Protect feature which is essentially a Time Machine app for PC users. On first install on Mac OS X, the Seagate Dashboard tanked. It was perhaps because the file system was formatted to NTFS so a quick reformat fixed this.

As long as you’re plugged in (USB 3.0 is fast via USM, although there are also Firewire and Thunderbolt versions) the Dashboard backs up photos that you upload to Facebook, even via mobile and that’s a great thing.

This new family of hard drives from Seagate come in red, blue, silver and black with a suggested retail prices of PHP 4,100 (500GB) and PHP 5,495 (1TB). Really, not bad at all.

– backs up your entire Facebook photo portfolio and syncs new ones in real time
– fast USB 3.0 transfer speeds
– even if you don’t use the backup features, the price point of PHP 5,4xx.xx is very attractive

– encountered hurdles in OS X install