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My Dive Gear

So Lilliane started this so I decided to follow with my own list of dive gear. I’ve divided the list into skin diving gear, SCUBA gear and underwater camera gear.

Skin Diving Gear

Black SCUBAPRO Spectra Mask

The current mask I’m using now. I like the black skirts instead of transparent ones because it gives less distractions when taking photos. This mask was a gift to me by Chie!

Mostly Everything

Dive Gear Review: UWATEC Aladin TEC 2G Computer


Perhaps the only “bad” thing I can say about this dive computer is it’s apparent awkwardness if worn casually. But that’s the price of P20,000.00 for an Aladin Tec 2G, acquired several weeks ago. This purchase completes my dive gear. It also saves lives.


Unlike other fashionable dive computers that double as casual wrist watches, the Tec 2G is not only more affordable: it is also built to last. The UWATEC Tec 2G is a standard diving computer with two H2O sensors at the bottom of the LCD to detect whether I’m submerged in water. There are only two buttons, and that serves as more than enough simplicity to navigate through the entire menu using a combination of short and long button presses.

The Tec 2G which I have, although brand new, already has scratches on the protective casing due to my own negligence, probably from wrecks or hanging on to rocks when diving in strong current. The added bulk on the real estate doesn’t help at all. But if we’re talking about performance, this dive computer is world class allowing dual oxygen mixture settings, an altimeter (it tells you if you’re climbing a mountain that’s too high after diving), 15 ft safety stop monitor, and many more. Plus, battery is user replaceable!

The Tec 2G has an optional IrDA cable that you can purchase via Nautilus (in Pasay Road) allowing you to transmit your dive logs onto your computer. This is on order basis only.