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Rekindling Thank You Day 2009

Thank You Day 2007 with True Faith

I wrote this two years ago. Pinoy bloggers were slowly becoming mainstream. There wasn’t much going on in terms of these ‘blog events.’ Everyone was excited. Thank You Day was big. I must admit, though it was certainly a below the line event built by Kraft (Toblerone), the message was strong.

My friend Knox attended a talk the other week — the name of the speaker slips my mind. Some foreign dude. He was there to inspire creatives and talked about his portfolio. One particular instance struck her, and as told to me — sometimes we don’t have to think up of the most creative or complex campaigns. Sometimes — most of the time — the simplest things are the most powerful. I guess this is where Thank You Day stands.

It was sad that the efforts for 2008 were not as grand. They put up a digital wall somewhere and had people submit messages, videos and other creative machinations all trying to find ways to say Thank You. Thank You for well, an assortment of things.

It’s 2009 now and October 20 is up and coming. I find it a little funny how we only get to mobilize about 2 months prior to a big event. I guess this is how the nature of a campaign works. Prepare for 2 months. Execute. End. Post evaluate. I always thought advocacy had no deadline. No end. The cause is just supposed to keep on going.

But you know what? I guess we need to make the most out of what we’re given. They asked me to help out once again, as I did in 2007 and 2008 but this time I’m helping manage their Facebook page, and it should be fun. After all I’m giving away stuff. I specifically requested that I give away stuff.

In the words of Gerry “Komikero” Alanguilan, “I strongly suggest that no one “suggest” I become a fan of anything or anyone. It’s not something you ASK for.” . So which is why I’m not going to spam your inbox asking you join the Thank You Day fan page or If you believe in it, the link is above 🙂

For the first week I’m giving out 5 bags of Toblerone minis to people who share a little something about what they are thankful for. It’s easy. It’s basically writing on the Facebook wall, and that gives you a raffle. I pick the 5 winners at the end of the week. It’s random, so please, leave a lot. We’ll be doing this every week, and the prizes, as I am told get bigger and bigger. You’ll need to pick up the prize though in their marketing office, in Makati.

So that’s it really. I hope you join. I hope you join because you think it matters. Or if you really like chocolates. Have you tried melting a Toblerone bar into fondue? It’s good.

Hey, thanks. 🙂