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How To: Respec (reset all skill points) in Torchlight II

If you aren’t playing Torchlight II, you absolutely must. Two things that make it absolutely more fun than Diablo III are: apart from online and single player mode, the game allows you to play via LAN which brings back the good old days of multiplayer gaming – six characters can play via a local network without the need for Internet. Second — community supported mods are widely available. Runic Games isn’t about to penalize you for modifying game files — these were the original creators of Diablo and they’re opening up the game to add community-supported add-ons.

Since the game itself doesn’t (yet) have an option to re-spec your character, a community mod was submitted that alters your shared stash to contain several potions that allow you to reset your skills.

If you haven’t yet gotten a hold of this game, you can do so for only USD $19.99 via their online store. If you’re still iffy, you can download the free demo to check it out.