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SMART accepting iPhone 5 preorders for December 14 launch


Hello Apple geeks. Well it’s finally here. The iPhone 5 will be available on December 14 2012. I’ve been with SMART for almost 10 years so that’s why I’m endorsing their bid for the iPhone 5 (or any phone that relies heavily on a data plan). Remember, the phone is only half the product.

I’m hoping that they release the LTE versions of the iPhone 5 locally and it would make sense to do so as SMART comes with the tri-band frequency that is compatible with the iPhone 5’s LTE chip. In any case, RESERVE NOW.

Art In Site Magazine to print 3,000 different covers made by YOU.

Truly hot. Art In Site is an upcoming magazine for Filipino artists, made by artists. And they’re doing something really bold. For their first issue, they’re calling for 3,000 artists to submit artwork to be used as the cover of their 1st issues (they’re printing 3,000 individualized covers!).

Need I say more? Here are the guidelines of the project. There are currently 2,054 slots left and 34 days (as of 12.08.08 2:56 PM) till the submission of your work. The magazine will come out in January 2009 – a bold, bold project! Reserve your slot now!