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LED monitors that look pretty from Samsung

Remember a couple of years ago when LCD TV’s were selling like crazy? Samsung had that wine glass design which really made theirs stand out. They were all over the retails stores. Now that that’s a classic, we’re now seeing their venture into the LED monitors for desktop computers. Have you seen these? They’re really attractive. Here’s a photo of what I’m talking about with Mitch Mauricio.

Resolution 1920 x 1080
Video Format 1080p
Color Support 16.7 million colors
Response Time2 ms
Front Panel Controls Power on/off
Display Positions Adjustments Tilt
Signal Input HDMI, DVI-I, VGA
Features Magic Lux,
sRGB color management,
Power off timer,
MagicBright 3

Oh, regarding the 2 contests, I’ll announce the winner from last week’s contest. Just need to clarify something with Samsung. =)