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ASUS Fonepad has excellent battery life, PHP 11,995 for 8GB

asus fonepad philippines

So many phones and tablets out there — and yes, the hybrids of different brands are equally populating the stalls. What makes the ASUS Fonepad stand out? Apart from being an all-in-one tablet and an Android powered smartphone, it actually kills the battery life category. You won’t believe it, but the Fonepad’s battery can last you the whole day even with data and WiFi working, and yes even tethered to provide mobile Internet.

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SONY XPERIA ZR is NFC-enabled, waterproof up to 5ft; PHP 25,990

sony xperia ZR photo philippines

What’s with SONY and waterproofing their gadgets? I’m not exactly sure where they’re headed with this, but I like it! SONY has been actively churning out waterproof gadgets across the board — from their tablets to projector-handycams and smartphones. Say hello to their newest releast, the SONY XPERIA ZR, a NFC-enabled Android phone that can survive swimming pool depths.

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ASUS VivoTab TF810 excels in performance as notebook and tablet; sells for PHP 42,995


So here I am at my favorite third wave coffee place in the south, working on an ASUS VivoTab (thanks ASUS Philippines for lending this little number). ASUS has been keen on the whole hybrid scene as they debuted devices like the Transformer and the PadFone. So it’s no surprise that ASUS continues to bring about such wonderment with the ViVoTab — a Windows 8 book w/ a detachable screen. It is important to note that the movement towards this kind of device is prevalent in many brands but the VivoTab definitely excels in finding the golden mean between price and features. For one, the TF810 comes with two sets of batteries — one for the actual tablet and the other built into the keyboard, which, therefore, doubles as a charging dock. That means if for some reason you really want to travel light, you can ditch the keyboard into your car and come back for it afterwards.

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Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite will sell in the Philippines for PHP 29,999

samsung ativ book 9

So what exactly will a PHP 30,000 notebook get you? For one, it is powered by a breakthrough processor called ‘S Quad Core’ and will have 128GB SSD storage. Not bad. Not bad at all. For something that hails the ‘9’ series of Samsung devices and costs a fraction of the price, definitely not bad at all.

We got hold of this information from an earlier briefing during the SideSync unveil and if you look at the foreign press releases, the material only references the processor to be a ‘Quad Core processor’ but upon further inspection it seems like a partnership with AMD. Will Samsung be able to break away and manufacture their own processors in the future?

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iLuv Syren Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth and NFC sells for PHP 3,000


So iLuv has been making waves in Manila with really cool accessories for your iOS devices (like the last charger you will ever need). Today they’re debuting the 360 degree Syren wireless speakers which you ought to place in the middle of your living room as the sound emits from all corners of this sweet number.

But wait, there’s more! The Syren uses Bluetooth and NFC technology to pair up your audio. If you’ve ever tried to pair your external speakers with a phone using Bluetooth, you may encounter some sync errors along the way and the only remedy for that is to try and try again. We’re all familiar with this and pairing up devices via Bluetooth can be a b*tch at times. So the proposition here is that the Syren uses NFC technology for pairing via Bluetooth. If you own a NFC-compatible device like the Samsung Galaxy S4, all you need to do is physically tap the phone onto the Syren and the pairing will automagically happen without you having to configure anything! Works like a charm!

The iLuv Syren has a SRP of PHP 3,000. For that price, you might as well get it as even though there aren’t too many NFC-enabled phones available today, this technology will be a stock feature in most smartphones soon.

Product Highlights
Bluetooth Wireless
NFC Technology
360-Degree Sound
Built-In Microphone
Auxiliary Audio Input
Rechargeable Battery
Up to Six Hours of Playback