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Customize Android Notifications with Pops — Themes for your alerts

I think this video explains everything better than my 150 words.

First off, thanks to Billycoy for sharing this on Plurk.

I’m really happy how Android handles the drop down Notifications. In fact, it’s that (alongside how I can’t use just one button for a phone) that I am not using an iPhone. Anyway, since Google allows app developers more leeway to customizing the user experience with each handset,

Pops allows you to customize your Notification alert when the screen is idle. As of late, you can customize incoming SMS, GMail, Twitter and Facebook (from messages to friend requests to notifications). You can choose from dozens of themes and even create your own using your Android device’s camera. Best of all, it’s free!

And yes, Pops does have that psychological effect in adding some cheer to work-related emails or SMS from someone you really hate. =)

If you’re on the Android Marketplace, do a search for the complete title “Pops Themes For Your Alerts” or click on this to jump to the app page.