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Manila, Cebu,Davao and other cities now on Google Maps thanks to Map Maker

It’s been seven months since the launch of Google Map Maker in the Philippines and Google just announced that the hundreds of users who contributed tens of thousands of edits finally have their cartography placed officially on Google Maps.

As I’ve reported before, Google Map Maker is the “sandbox” where users can map out familiar areas in their locus. After the details have been verified by other users and community managers, the data is transferred into Google Maps for the entire world to see as “official.”

“Congratulations to the thousands of Filipino users who have successfully contributed to Google Map Maker! The Philippines is one of the most challenging places to map because of the diverse topography of its more than 7,000 islands—this is why there is a dearth of accurate map data available online. Because of the collaborative efforts of local map enthusiasts, we are beginning to see the “physical face” of the Philippines getting clearer over time for the global community to see. This is a great start, but know there is much more to do, so we encourage you to join your fellow Pinoys and contribute to Google Map Maker to give the Philippines an accurate virtual country map to be proud of,” said Derek Callow, Head of Marketing, Google Southeast Asia. [source]

The videos I posted here are time line progressions of Manila and Davao. Also, since we’re on the topic of mapping our place in the world, our entry to the Seven New Wonders of the World, the Subterranean River in Puerto Princesa just got bumped down from first to second place. I encourage everyone to vote for our lovely underground wonder and bump it up back to first place. Currently, The Amazon River is now number one.