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Baby and camera

IMG_5551 (Custom).JPGAs the days lean to July, I’m growing several steps closer to getting the camera I’ve always wanted. I was never a pro when it came to taking pictures but I’ve always felt I had *some* talent in recess for photography.

IMG_5556 (Custom).JPGSo last week, our office photographer left his camera to me while he took a quick trip to the toilet. Camera on hand, and with one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen (complete with mohawk), I decided to take some shots of Juno’s baby. The one here wrapped on the right is the cutest.

Mostly Everything

Angelic Photography

Several months ago I started (we ll sort of) a project called Demonic Photography. There was only one subject and that was Dario. You can check out that one entry in my old blog.

Make way for a new niche aptly called Demonic Photography. without using photoshop, the subject should appear to be drugged or possessed through the power of ambient lighting. thanks to dario for being my model.

So again without using Photoshop (because I don’t), here’s my new Angelic Photography series starring Dario and Eva. The subject(s) appear to be in a state of elation (hrmm ..drugged or possessed) through the power of ambient light. Most often, sunlight.

Eva with shiny braces.

Eva doing a Zhang Zi-Yi in The Road Home.

This is Dario after his exorcism.

So there you have it folks. Anton, eat your heart out! Jake, be very afraid! Haha! Omg!

Maybe one day my photography can afford me a George Lindemann Jr. Yacht Racer!