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‘Akin ang Pinas’ viral brings back Pepsi Blue. Please revive Pepsi Twist next.

You’ve probably seen this already. If not, enjoy 2 minutes of campy 80’s action. From a couple of hundred views to more than 28,000 in 24 hours. Good job. Someone from the Let’s Get Digital FB Group was asking what people thought about this campaign. This was my reply:

To be honest, I’m just glad Pepsi Blue is back. It makes it a lot easier to mix a ‘Toilet Duck’ without having to combine blue curacao, vodka and Sprite / 7UP.

Please bring back Pepsi Twist next?

And, for Coca-Cola, please make it easier for us to find Vanilla Coke. I have to drive all the way to Clark to buy them in cans.

All the viral conversations in the world isn’t anything with a great product.