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Clark as the Future and Inevitable Choice

Several of you who read this blog know my father, Jose Ma. “Digoy” Fernandez. He’s a columnist for various newspapers, was formerly in banking and also with government for a time. After retiring more than 10 yers ago he was asked to take a seat in the board of CIAC (Clark) to help in the acceleration of the new International and domestic terminal. Since NAIA I has been getting a lot of flak nowadays, this article brings to light the 5 year plan for (1) developing the new terminals in Clark for 50,000,000 passengers, (2) new commuter infrastructure and (3) decongesting of Manila and moving a lot of businesses up north.

Completion of new domestic terminal by end 2012
New International terminal (ala Singapore) within 5 years
Greenlighted budget flights to the USA
Clark as a regional FBMR station (Fixed Base and Maintenance and Repair)
NLEX-SLEX connection
High Speed Railway to Manila
Expansion of businesses up north to the Clark-Subic area to decongest Manila
Conversion of Clark into a tourist destination “Airport City”
50,000,000 tourist capacity Home Banking Clark as the inevitable choice
Clark as the inevitable choice

THE former US Armed Forces base in Clark has been in the news of late, partly because of the rather unflattering publicity generated by the country’s premier airport in the capital metropolis. The problems associated with the single runway and the long-delayed rehabilitation of Terminal 1 have finally come to bear, and planners have started to take a longer and harder look at building up the necessary infrastructure to make the use of Clark a more viable option.

Please read. Please share. This one is happening.

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Hot Air Balloon Series III: Snowman, Flying Barn and Pirate in a Barrel

Here’s a fun sight. Three of the more “cartoony” balloons include the Snowman, the Flying Barn and what can only be described as a Pirate in a Barrel. The latter is attractive to look at because of the attention to detail — check out the “front” and “back” photos.

Best of show: Darth Vader.