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Just Arrived: PADI Enriched Air Certification Card

Diving with enriched air has its uses. My permanent card arrived over the weekend. Enriched air or ‘Nitrox’ is a mix used for staying at deeper depths longer without suffering decompression penalties. The sweet spot seems to be around 70ft – 90ft deep and is perfect for wrecks and “hanging out” in such places like Monad Shoal.

I am now enriched!


Open Water Dive Certification Week I: Dive and Trek, Anilao

Henderson Gold Core

What a weekend! I’m in the process of completing my open water diving certification under PADI (yay a blog!). I’ve always wanted to launch into the deep, so now that I have the time and a little more savings, I decided to invest slowly in dives. I dragged Juned into taking lessons under Jan Acosta thanks to MJ, a friend I’ve known since college. Here are three reasons why I made the choice to go dive: