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Earning from your blog: The Realities

As more and more people are taking on the role as bloggers to make money, a lot become misinformed about how EXACTLY you earn and what degree of commitment it takes on your end. How relevant is Adsense today? What are the consequences of paid posts and sponsorships? Does SEO still matter? What are the real reasons why companies hold blog events?

When: April 30 2011 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Where: Asian Institute of Management
Admission is free. Bring your friends.


The Blog & Soul is holding another session on April 30 to discuss what monetizing your blog really means. Included in the panel are veteran bloggers who earn from their blogs and representatives from advertising networks. We’re also trying to get business owners who have dealt with bloggers before (or are thinking of inviting bloggers) to attend, so we can discuss the expectations and responsibilities of each party.

Come. It will be epic. This is a series of seminars we are organizing for free to help the blogging community understand what they’re really getting into when they decide to make money from blogging. We are composed of volunteer bloggers and representatives from digital agencies.