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The emerging trend of non-violence in video games


There’s definitely more to gaming than violence. Lately I’ve been mulling over purchasing A LOT of simulation games. Euro Truck Simulator 2 for instance seemed like one big Internet joke but it’s become an inexplicable darling in the gaming circles and all you do is drive a truck. And that’s it — the mundane can be rather interesting. More interesting than fragging and perhaps even more interesting than playing online games like bingo (join now for free bingo), slots and the like

I’m back with the OMGeek crew with Episode 5 where we talk about non-violence in gaming. As a parent, I’ve come to the epiphany why these LEGO games exist. LEGO Batman, LEGO Star Wars — they’re all there to add a less violent spin to the more visceral titles us adults are used to seeing in the market.

Have a listen: OMGeek Podcast Episode 5: Non-violence in gaming

N.B. Early into the show, my audio went really wonky. This was my first time recording on a PC so I couldn’t quite get the levels right. Oops.