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And the winner of the first Nokia X3 phone is …

There’s something utterly creepy about reading flash fiction horror entries past midnight. Especially the entries that say “I’m going to take the X3 away from you while you sleep.” HAHA! Anyway, here goes.

First of all, I’d like to give special mention to “Jerry” who submitted a horror entry that made me LOL:

ano ang nasa dako pa roon?…
si sadako!…:)

Sorry though, it didn’t win but you sure made me laugh! Also, props to Noypi with this entry that I found to be rather funny: “For sale: si Ate, mainit pa.” I also want to give a special shout out to John who made a special tool to count characters for judging entries! Thanks sir!

OK here goes! Thanks to everyone who participated. Looking through all the entries, I narrowed the whole thing to two. One from TheGreatMorinda which goes:

Time in: 9:59 am. Time of death: 9:13am.

and the other from Messie:

The river is steadily rising. There was no rain… only people jumping.

Both entries made me stop and think a bit trying to picture the scenarios in my head (one of the tricks to doing horror is the Clive Barker / H.P. Lovecraft formula where you leave most of it to the imagination). Between the two, I found Messie’s entry to be the more disturbing, hence I gladly award the Nokia X3 to MESSIE! We will send an email with instructions on how to claim your phone from the Nokia PH office.

There are still 2 more mini-contests coming up! I’ll put them up in a separate post so it will be easier to segregate.