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The Much Awaited Nokia N8

I almost forgot I had photos of the new Nokia N8. Nikka from Nokia allowed me to take photos over a lunch meeting last week. This isn’t the final Symbian^3 software build yet but as much as hardware is concerned, this is how it really looks.

It’s slick. It’s light. It feels great to hold. Reminds me of my MacBook Pro actually as this phone boasts some sort of unibody design because you can’t remove the battery — so that’s one thing you should take into consideration when this phone hits the market. There’s a slight bump at the back of the unit where the camera is located. Some may think that this doesn’t help the design at all but I’m loving it as it can double as a space ship toy for when I’m bored.

Here’s a video demo showing off what’s new with Symbian^3. I can’t give a very objective hands on of the software as I have not immersed myself into the experience.

Pricing to follow.