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Hey cool, Angry Birds is also out on the N900

I really couldn’t believe it: Angry Birds is out for the N900. This is what I’m talking about — it’s not about the phone these days. It’s really about the apps and the developer community. Developed by Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds is a catapult simulator that differs from traditional releases such as Worms and Scorched Earth. Angry Birds has a puzzle element with the objective of toppling green pigs from the safety of their not-so-sturdy abodes. You can fire birds with different abilities using a slingshot weighing in the velocity using your finger.

Oh and it goes without saying that since I’m playing this on an N900, it’s got really good multitasking features so I can always tab through my email, SMS and other apps without closing the game.

Grab Angry Birds from the Ovi Store. It’s free. If you’re getting a “this game is not available in your country” error, simply ignore it and login to your Ovi account from your phone. The download will commence from there. Oh and if you want more levels, check this out.