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How to toubleshoot and increase PLDT myDSL speeds

Here are some tips I’ve put to practice throughout the 30 months I’ve availed of PLDT myDSL service. The signal used to be excellent when the cluster in Paranaque was still more or less free. As service widens, a few quirks can happen. Interesting enough – sometimes it may not even be the fault of the ISP, but has something to do with a few factors in your home.

Too late the hero for this post? Search the web and everyone’s written about Internet problems. Anyway, I decided to write this after one of my business contacts interviewed me over the phone about DSL / WiFi services in the Philippines and asked, “why haven’t I shared these before?”

OK, time to share.

Have your physical line checked. If your DSL line falters especially with the coming rains, it could be that the box outside your house had water seep through. When was the last time you checked the physical line as well? Every so often we have an electrician come over to check the resilience of the wiring.

When was the last time you changed your modem? Some PLDT myDSL modems are OBSOLETE. If your physical line is OK and you’re experiencing problems, the error could actually be the modem itself. I had my modem changed twice because the first one was, OBSOLETE, as advised by the certified electrician from PLDT. Signal kept on dying. He even told me that they’re passively tracking subscribers who have old modems (they only come if you complain). If your modem heats up quickly, it is also a bad sign (my second change). I’m sharing this to my readers because I had 2 modem changes within 2 1/2 months early this year. Ever since, things were fine and dandy. Again – CALL.

Are you on a legacy server cluster? Hah, this is probably the best trick I learned. For old subscribers, your account may actually be on a legacy server. What I did, about 4 months ago was to call PLDT myDSL and have them transfer my account to a new cluster (I forgot the exact name). Guess what? My connection throttled after 20 minutes.

Don’t forget your DNS settings!