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My Desk: December 9 2005 7:29 pm

I’m starting a new section here. Seems like my desk, like my face pimples, are in an ever-evolving state of flux. I always have different stuff on my desk with the work I do.

So basically, this is what my desk looks like at certain times during the week. Woot! Show and tell!

Edifier E2100 2.1 speaker set. It’s a very inexpensive piece of elegant acoustic technology at P2,199.00.

iBook G4. This is my custom built notebook which I bought from a good friend about a year ago.

Nokia 6270 (on the iBook). This is actually an interesting phone. It looks like an electric shaving razor.

Sony Ericsson k700i. This is my personal phone which I pair with my Mac.

Olympus SP 500UZ lens cap (picture taken with camera). Review unit here. You can check out the other shots I took in this post.

CD-R King Mouse. It glows in the dark! (Like me!)

Hazelnut Coffee (thanks Nina!) in my “I’m Scorpio and proud of it!” mug.