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There is no secret that any move is a pretty complicated process that can be either perfect or disastrous. One of the easiest ways to keep the track of it and avoid chaos is hire professional movers that will do all the dirty job for you. The article below offers you several useful tips about hiring a reliable moving company to make your moving experience a pleasant one.
Estimates and estimators

First and most important thing about the estimates and estimator say the following: show everything you have! You are planning to hire some movers and interested in their services. This is why representatives of a moving company will be open to you if you will be open to them. Show your estimator all items and belongings you want to be moved. According to the Okotoks movers statistics a lot of people forget about several items during the estimate and then get frustrated when movers tell that they have to pay extra money for that. If you want to avoid that – do not forget anything and make a list of things before your movers come!

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The most frequent places to be forgotten about by the householders are attics, closets, basements, and backyards. Sometimes if you forget to list some items in the estimate it may appear that the movers take a truck where your “extra” item will simply not fit! In this case you will, once again, spend more money and undoubtedly have a time delay in the move.
Also, make sure that you tell the estimator about any special conditions at your new home that may complicate the move, like elevators, stairs, or a big distance from the curb to the closest door.

Check the estimate. The estimate is actually a combined document that, when signed by the movers provider representatives and you, serves as your full order for service and also as a bill of lading. According to the Okotoks movers this is the most important document that you get from any company which always needs to include the inventory list. They advise to pay attention to the top of the estimate where you need to see the words: “written binding estimate”, as well as the movers provider’s signature with a date at the bottom of the document.

If you are travelling from one city to another or even about her province the estimate has to clearly describe the quantity and type of goods that you are shipping, the distance to the final location, the time and date which your belongings will be picked up and delivered, and all information about additional services (like packing) and supplies that movers provide you with.
Another important issue that you need to talk about with a company is insurance. According to – pro movers in Okotoks, you need to talk about it before signing any documents. The insurance is an essential part of any move because you need to make sure that in case of any unforeseen situations you are still on the safe side.

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