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Loren Shuster talks about Nokia’s Ovi Platform


The following post is a paraphrase of the media workshop conducted by Loren Shuster, which is essentially a mindset establishing thing for the media. A lot of these are trends and product features and when mentioned, my own thoughts.

There are 1.3 billion users on the Internet. Over 40% of these have mobile Internet access as well. In 2008, the number of mobile Internet users doubled, making the mobile Internet the only way to access the web for developing countries.

it is estimated that by 2012, the number of mobile Internet devices will surpass the total number of desktops that have Internet access. By 2012, there will be over 1 billion people accessing social networking sites via mobile phones. There are 9.3 million individuals using mobile Internet per day. 8.2 million use the mobile Internet for maps.

The ability to personalize and customize information on your phone is important. Content is determined on the terms of users, not corporations.

(Jayvee’s Note — This is the point where they show how the Nokia N97 has customization for the home screen.)

In 2008, Nokia has shipped 60 million converged devices, 36 million were N-series devices. Within these devices is the Ovi Services which is composed of the following 5 parts:

Maps and Navigation
Media Services

(Jayvee’s Note — Shuster talks about the Ovi Store. This is basically stuff we’ve heard in local press conferences, but in addition, he mentions that the store also houses flash-based content.)

In addition to this, there are also embedded business models for other companies to adapt into their plans, such as the Maps feature within Ovi (adding your businesses into the Maps and I would guess paying a premium to be seen).

Using Ovi services, you can share locations and actions and behaviors of all your friends. You can track where they are, see their schedule, know what photos they take, hear the music they listen to, and share your own schedule as well.

(Jayvee’s Note — I guess this is preempted by the new RSS feed feature on your phone’s home screen which made debut in the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Phone. The new 5530 XpressMusic allows you to track up to 20 friends, but these are basic functions such as calls, RSS feeds to blogs, social networking profiles and SMS.)

Now on to developing markets. Ovi Mail’s reach successful across Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand. Mostly thanks to the less than 50 EU phones that were recently launched and ease of use email.

With music downloads, Nokia has brought in more than 3 million music downloads, which surpasses piracy in Singapore. By taking away the cost barrier from Comes with Music, you can download unlimited amounts of music, 80% of the downloads are actually complete albums. (Jayvee’s Note — Comes with Music allows for 1 year free download of songs from the Music Store — around 4 million songs.)