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Benefits of Blog Events Revisited

The Hero of Sabtang

Several months ago I gave four tips to promoting your blog offline. One such tip was to attend blog events. Attending blog events has the following benefits:

a. huge networking opportunities // a good venue for looking at outsourcing work especially in the field of graphic design, publishing, advertising, PR, marketing, photography

b. meeting bloggers in the flesh // let’s face it – sometimes a blogger may come on too strong in character on the Internet; blog meets are good ways to get to know the other 50% of the person. The results are usually gladly surprising. 🙂

c. maintain your Technorati Rank // not that it matters much but being linked by other blogs once every 6 months maintains your ranking; attending blog events is the best way to receive an influx of these consistent links

d. expand your social circle and maybe even find true love // 🙂

Speaking of events, 88db is sponsoring a blogger summer party. Aileen Apolo helped organize this event

What: Bloggers’ Night
When: April 26, 2008 @ 7pm
Who: bloggers of any size, age, status or whatever
Why: Booze, Music, Prizes and
Where: Katips Bar in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

In Photo: A dramatic snapshot of How Karl became known as the Hero of Sabtang. Shot in island tour at Sabtang, Batanes.