Manila Bulletin’s MBLife


Hello. Just a quick update. I’m blogging. Again! It’s been a long, long road since 8List back in 2012. Just this week, the team at Manila Bulletin soft-lunched MBLife, which is essentially our own agile experiment at our millennial marketing efforts.

From the lighter side of Manila Bulletin, we welcome you to MB LIFE, our latest lifestyle portal among our ever-growing portfolio of new products. Yes, there are articles. But more than that, we choose to be a bit more self-aware by welcoming you into our home, namely to our curated collection of “very nice things.” On one hand, there are toys. Lots of them. Absent of pretense, we open our ever-growing toy collection to the public eye through our TOY SHELF section. Then there’s the nostalgia. Being in the most unique position of having chronicled news in the Philippines for the past 116 years, we open our doors to the prized archives of historical front pages, photography, and vintage ads through NOSTALGIA MANILA. These, together with our bite-sized web documentaries, tutorials and slice of life (the agonies and the ecstasies) op-eds comprise our daily dispatches for the everyday millennial.

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