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Remember the “You Wouldn’t Steal a Car” Anti-Piracy ads? Turns out the ad is pirated.

As one YouTube commenter (PianoGamer64) said, “You wouldn’t steal the background music to your own anti-piracy propaganda…”

But they did.

With the proposed tightening of Philippine laws to combat online piracy, a very recent article was called to my attention regarding the anti-piracy ads that have become staples in the movie theaters and in DVD releases. “You Wouldn’t Steal a Car” … I’m sure you remember the catchy music in the background. As it turns out, that music was pirated from its original composer.

Dutch Musician Melchior Rietveldt explained was asked in 2006 to whip some background music “to be used exclusively at a local film festival”.

When he noticed his music popping up everywhere (first hearing it in a Harry Potter DVD) Mr Rietveldt went to royalty agency Buma/Stemra, who made a € 15,000 ($AU 17,500) advance and then appear to have completely dropped the ball.


There you have it. These anti-piracy laws need to be thought through very well. Every single DVD that had that clip is violating copyright law. And every single movie theater that played that advertisement. What does this say about the industry?