Download the McDonald’s BFF Time Out App!

Out now on the Google Play Store and the local iTunes Store is the BFF Timeout App, a collaboration between McDonald’s and Coca-Cola Philippines.

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Contest: McDonald’s 30th Anniversary ‘Then and Now’

WINNERS: Congratulations to Gherhald and Bea Alos for winning the McDonald’s 30th anniversary contest! Will get in touch with you two so you can claim your prizes.

Update: As requested, McDonald’s is increasing the rewards for the contest! Winners will receive P5,000 (1st place), P3,000 (2nd place), P2,000 (3rd place) respectively.

Hello children of the 80’s! Did you know that McDonald’s is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the Philippines? I was born 30 years ago so my existence on this planet is clearly defined by exactly how long McDonald’s has been in Manila. In fact there were four branches that served as the pillars of my childhood. These were: the branch in Makati Cinema Square as that was where my family would frequent when my parents would go to Mile Long, the branch in front of AIM because my dad was a graduate of that school, the branch in front of Alabang Town Center because they had the coin operated merry-go-round, and the one that used to be at the corner of President’s Avenue and Sucat but had been recently demolished to pave the way for a grocery store.

Hay, memories!

To commemorate 30 years of the Golden Arches, I’ll be running a NOSTALGIA TRIPPING contest for all my readers. The prizes are gift checks to any McDo branch in the country as well as limited edition Coca Cola can glasses!

Read on for the contest rules!

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So I woke up this morning and …

BOOM. There’s been a twisted takeover on the blog.

I feel really good partnering with McDonald’s for this type of execution. Ads are ads but when the entire brand takes over your template, that’s something completely unexpected and eye catching. Fun!

Well, as you can obviously see, the good news is that Twister Fries is back! You can check out their FaceBook page at and of course their online delivery if you want Twister Fries delivered to your office right now!

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McDonald’s in Greenbelt has finally reopened!


Finally, they’re open again. The McDonald’s in front of AIM and beside Greenbelt has been a fixture since childhood. I asked the guard and they said they’ve been open since December 1. These photos were taken on the morning of December 4. The “new” store design is accented by wider spaces and more diverse seating choices.

So nice to know I can go back to my morning Big Breakfast fix when I’m in Makati.