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LazerXtreme: Lazer Tag is Back! PEWPEWPEW

Okay, first off, do any of you remember this cartoon that used to air back in the day?

Laser Tag paled in comparison given that the selection of Saturday AM cartoons included hits like M.A.S.K., The Disney Hour, Silver Hawks, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, etc… But Laser Tag, for all intents and purposes was by itself a huge marketing campaign to sell …. Laser Tag merchandise and to convert kids to play the game (in the same way that Fred Savage’s 1989 hit, The Wizard sold Nintendo’s Power Glove and Mario Brothers 3).

So can you imagine, a few years later in the mid-90’s when Q-zar (and there was another one – Laser Quest was it?) opened in Shangri-La and Mega Mall? This was a huge mind f*ck to kids my age – we could actually play Laser Tag!!! Finally!!!

Then just like that the Lazer Tag phenomenon imploded as Q-Zar closed – perhaps because the rates were too expensive back then since this was “new technology.”

But wait. There is hope. 10 years later – today, Laser Tag is back.

Hello LazerXtreme! LazerXtreme is everything we loved about Laser Tag, and it’s back! It is located at the 4th floor of Market! Market! beside PC Express and conveniently located across Healthway.

In a nutshell, these are my observations after playing two team games:

## Laser technology is obviously so much better now as the guns are lighter and the vests are less bulky. The guns are VERY ACCURATE and you could actually see the laser beam shooting out of your phaser. I remember how inaccurate the ones at Q-Zar were.

## The playing field is very similar to Q-Zar except that it is loads bigger and the levels are more dynamic. There are a few camping spots for snipers but this doesn’t guarantee a full view of the area. You’ll be compelled to change locations often.

## Several modes of play. Each game is 15-20 minutes long. We played teams of 2 and teams of 3. Some went for the bases. But most just went for the bloodbath.

## Bases still exist and they’re still the same huge circular sensor on an odd part of the room. destroying a base gives you 2,000 points and can make or break your ranking. I honestly think bases yield too many points unless it really is an in-game objective. It’s actually more fun to run around and shoot other players than to camp the base and shoot it after it regenerates. Nonetheless, I can see where Destroy the Base can be really fun but for first timers it’s a lot more challenging to run and shoot the other organics.

## There are set call signs on your guns (mythological and comic book characters) but these can be changed for special events. I think the only reason why they didn’t do it for us was because this takes up time. Your phaser also displays the name of the guy who shot you.

## I didn’t notice any in-game marshals. Remember before when marshals had a huge light saber that could power down your outfit if you were caught running? The LazerXtreme staff is very forgiving with stuff like this (I guess, except for physical contact) as it is nearly impossible to not run or crouch. for concerned parents on their child’s safety, even though it was dark, the place is very safe as there were no sharp objects or things you could trip on.

Laser Tag is back in the Philippines thanks to LazerXtreme. Will this be another fad or will it grow into the next craze? I say the latter! Thanks to Benj for setting this up!

LazerXtreme Rates and Packages:

Games cost P170.00 on weekdays and P190.00 on weekends. It operates during mall hours. The venue also has a function room for events and team building activities.

Birthday Party Package
Weekday Rates P320.00 per head for 2 games
Weekend Rates P360.00 per head for 2 games
Birthday celebrant plays for free 🙂

Additional games is P150.00 for weekdays and P170.00 for weekends

The function room can be rented out for 2 and 1/2 hours for events. LazerXtreme caters as well (they have decent burritos) for P3,000 on weekdays and P6,000 on weekends (consumable).

LazerXtreme contact:
Maureen Scherrie Delantar
09194652654 / 256-6467
[email protected]