Dedicated to the Mantis Shrimp

Subject: Peacock Mantis Shrimp
Photo taken in Secret Bay, Anilao
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In an episode of Radiolab titled Colors, Jad and Robert explore the inner workings of how human beings (and other creatures) perceive color. For instance, in Ancient Greece, the color blue was absent in all the documented pieces of literature. Why?! Were the ancient Greeks and Romans colorblind?

In another segment, the show takes a look at how other animals view the colors of the rainbow. Surprisingly, I have several photos of the only creature in the world that has the highest spectrum to discern colors — the mantis shrimp. I see at least one every weekend.

Cheers to you, mantis shrimp. Aside from being the only creature in the world that sees the full spectrum of the rainbow, you also pack quite a punch.