PSA: MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display CANNOT BE UPGRADED. Max it out when you buy.

Here’s a quick PSA on the new retina display Macbooks. Got this from iFixit — the new MacBook Pro, apart from being the hardest portable to service will also be not upgradable in the future. If you’re planning to save money by getting a smaller SSD or RAM and wait a year to upgrade the internals, you can’t. That’s because these parts are soldered into the MacBook: the battery, the SSD (hard disk) and the RAM. Also, it appears that the display is so well integrated into the system and there’s no glass: if it breaks, you need to replace the entire MacBook.

Be sure to get some Apple Care once you acquire this amazing beauty. Just a precaution.

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MacBook Pro: How to fix audio problems running Windows 7 via BootCamp

I had recently bought the latest 13 inch MacBook Pro and installed both Snow Leopard and WIndows 7 Ultimate via BootCamp. Everything went well save for an annoying problem with the audio not being able to work. Puzzling. After several unsuccessful tries I found out that this was a problem with BootCamp 3.0, and not Windows 7 compatibility. It seems that BootCamp 2.2 is more friendly than its latter release.

The solution to this problem is to find BootCamp 2.2 in the Apple website and extract the audio drivers from the installation file using 7ZIP. If you’re like me and have encountered this problem, then you’re in luck — I’ve extracted the files using 7ZIP (Note: I only have the 32bit audio drivers for Windows 7, not the 64bit ones.).

If you need the file (note: this is for 32bit Windows), access it through my Dropbox.

Good luck!