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HOLIDAY GADGET SWARM WEEK II: Intel is giving away a touch screen netbook

If I had the option of working full time once more, I’d definitely apply with Intel. There really is no other way of putting it: in the IT industry, Intel is #1. From chip manufacturer to service provider to being “sponsors of tomorrow” they pretty much have their hands in everything to do with information technology today.

In the next few days I’ll be writing about my experiences with Intel and the people behind it, having just arrived from Synergy 2010, an annual conference sponsored by Intel and HP. Year 13 was held in Club Paradise and my hosts had so many interesting things to announce.

But for today, let’s go straight to the contest!


Intel is “sponsors of tomorrow.” But today they’re also sponsoring this week’s giveaway!

This week we are giving away a Lenovo Ideapad ST10-3T. This is one of the more interesting netbooks in the market because it comes with a touch screen interface, allowing you to transform the computer into a tablet. Either way you get more than enough features to get things done on the go.

Intel is definitely number one. As a chip maker and solutions provider, they ship over 1 million PC’s a day. So I was trying really hard to think of an interesting contest that captures Intel’s awesomeness and came up with this.

We can’t ignore Intel’s influence with the real world — from embedded devices on cars, to digital billboards (yes those are powered by Atom processors), to computers, net books, smart phones and servers — they’re all over the place.

Similarly, in the real world there is also an unstoppable entity that has claimed influence in almost all forms of pop culture. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting 2010 American Music Award for Artist of the Year winner, Justin Bieber.


Contest Mechanics

1. Take a stanza (or more) of any Justin Bieber song and rewrite the lyrics into something Intel, showing how awesome the company is. There are so many things to talk about — from the days of the Pentium, to Core technology, to the new App Store optimized for netbooks, to integrated GMA graphics, to the USB port which was invented by someone from Intel! — there’s a lot! It doesn’t need to be technical — it just think fun! Winners will be chosen based on creativity by myself and someone from Intel.

Here’s a sample:

This is the rap portion of Ludacris from Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’

Synergy’s at 13, Club Paradise was true love
Intel showing that nothing compared to what they were doing
From the USB to the DDR3, nothing could ever come above
They had me going crazy, oh I was geek-struck
They’ve gone a long way, since the Front Side Bus.

2. Rewrite the lyrics and post it in the comments section. Also, put the title of the original Bieber song so we have a reference as to what lyrics you used. You can enter as many times as you want.

3. This contest will be open from today till 23:59 of Saturday the 4th of December. This contest is open to residents of the Philippines, but you should be able to personally pick up the prize from Metro Manila. Remember to leave a valid email address.