Celebrating my right to be left handed!

Sure I may have had a harder time writing into Corona notebooks in school, struggling with right-handed scissors, and drinking from right handed cups (you know, the ones that have text visible on the inner rim only when you hold the handle from the right), but I’m proud to be part of that 7% of the population who are a bit left of center.


Here are some unique advantages of being a left handed:

We are a standalone conversation piece for breaking the ice
The same scenario recurs on occasions where I have to list down my name for an event or affix my signature on a sheet of paper: “Wow, kaliwete ka pala!” (Wow, I didn’t know you were left handed!) or “I’m also left handed!” That’s it. The ice is broken

We have an easier time using a camera
Despite the shutter button being oriented for right handed people, lefties have it better. Our dominant hand can be used as a very steady tripod allowing us a huge advantage in areas that have low light, in absence of an actual tripod.

We are apparently more artistic to the public, even if we don’t believe it
Call it taboo or a general acceptance by the crowd: left handed people are said to be more artistic. So yeah, whatever, even if we are not, it still makes us look more interesting 🙂

Nobody will touch our office computer if we’re on left-handed mouse orientation
When I was still working full time for a publishing company, the guys who were using left mouse orientation on Windows didn’t have their computers touched. This is the ultimate in user privacy!

And even if we do use the mouse with the right hand, our dominant hand is free to do other things
Like juggle, use the cellphone to send SMS, make coffee, and best of all: WRITE with a pen while the other hand is browsing the ‘net.

This post is in celebration of International Left Hander’s Day! Hey lefties, show the love! What do you love most about being left handed?