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Lori Baltazar’s gifts for me

Met up with sexiest food blogger Lori Baltazar (and equally sexy PR swashbucker Mark Parlade). Wasn’t expecting gifts, but Lori surprised me with a loot bag for the holidays. Although Lori hates Mark and I for wanting our steaks medium well, she and I pretty much agree when it comes to coffee. She gave me a small bag of beans to grind from Lamill (which I have almost finished), and a sample of their tea — with the most superb packaging ever. As topping to the wonderful gifts (literally), she included a President’s Choice ginder filled with vanilla and sugar to top my coffee. Lori, I use it every morning to top my latte and the flavor is just amazing! 5 star rating.

This tea wins the award for most creative (and geeky) copy:

Probing further, Lamill has really pushed my geek buttons as their copy is very consistently easy to digest with a slight tinge of geek:

At LAMILL we small batch roast all our beans on our own special order German Probat G60 commercial roasters. Not only are these the finest, state of the art machines, but it’s also cool to be able to say ‘German Probat G60’. We make the same investment in our staff, being sure to employ only most qualified and talented roasters. At LAMILL we understand how important roasting is to the final product. We don’t take any shortcuts… we don’t make any compromises. If a batch isn’t right, we take the time to do it over, even if it means missing the Lakers game. That’s what TIVO is for.

Thank you Lori for the gifts!